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Nobat Shadilion’s Collection belongs to the private sector which has been stablished by managers with the efforts and cooperation of a number of experienced engineers and relying on a quarter of Century of experience in May 2004 and less than a year, it has started in various fields and on the other hand, in the field of blanket production, it has entered the field of construction of the textile industry. The first phase of the company has an area of 69830 and 22000 square meters of infrastructural In June 2005 with the presence of first vice president at that time (Dr. Aref )  and honorable minister of industries and mines at that time (Mr. Jahangiri), so in that condition it opened and put into operation this set after four months, trial production, entered the mass production stage and was able to compete with other manufacturers in this field and gained a good position in this field.
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Nobaft Shadilon


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Nobaft Shadilon


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